“ We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to getting the problem resolved. Wish more companies had the support that you guys offer. ”

 Karem J,  IT Director     

   “ In the last 10 years I have worked with many monitoring solutions like [list of well-known competitors], and I can say that your solution is the best. ” 

Vijay P. Senior SQL DBA     

  “ Sometimes things have to be said twice, your support simply rocks. This industry would be way more fun if most other monitoring companies we work with would at least try to reach 50% of what you deliver. ”    

 Eric C. CTO 

  “ As I mentioned in the meeting, and I'll say it here, I've worked with several different monitoring systems in my career and nothing holds a candle to UTI [Server Monitor]. ”  

Withney W. Senior SQL DBA 

 “ I must say I am very impressed; in my 16 years as an ICT pro I have come across many monitoring services; you are by far the best. ”  

Elizabeth I. IT Support